Introducing Monograph

A simple back-office tool for architects.

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The Problem

Working as architects, we know first hand the difficulties of running an office: taking drawings to the city, prioritizing which projects to finish, getting a client invoice paid, and oh yea, designing.

It’s tricky business keeping everything sorted—a painful problem for all architects, until today...

Introducing Monograph
A Simple, Modern Tool Built for Architects

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What is Monograph

A firm management tool for architects: a complete product for managing tasks, tracking time, and invoicing clients.

We streamline your entire workflow—so you can get back to what matters most. Monograph reduces non-billable hours, gets you paid on time, and builds professionalism with clients.

A Laser-Focus on Simplicity

As designers, architects have put up with way too much clunky, ugly software tools. Monograph is built by a team of architects and designers with an intense focus on simplicity and wonderful design.

What Makes Monograph Unique

Money gantt

The Money Gantt™

Keeping track of budget and time are critical for running a healthy business. Monograph reveals both right in your dashboard.

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Smart Invoicing with a Click

Invoice by Activity, Role, or Phase, then add all your billable time with a click. Simple as that.

Simple On-Boarding

No Contract, No Commitment. Start a free trial and you can explore our Pre-filled Demo at your own pace. Moreover feel free to ask questions and provide feedback directly to our team.

Our Team

Veterans of architecture (SOM, Gensler) and software (Trimble, MIT,, we've assembled a team passionate about building simple software for the architecture industry. At Monograph, design is our key competitive advantage, and it allows us to make tools that architects love.

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