Best Architecture Software in 2018

The best software to run an efficient, modern design office

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Less Admin, More Design

With ever increasing demands on our time, new architecture software applications are emerging to help us manage the day-to-day tasks of running an architecture firm. To help architects sort through all the available choices we put together this curated list of the best architecture software organized in distinct categories with a range of pricing options.

Starter Studio
  • Cad AutoCad LT + Sketchup
  • Ftp Box
  • Management Trello
  • Communication GSuite + Slack
  • Visual Pixlr + Figma
  • Website Houzz
  • Accounting Google Sheets
  • Material Pinterest
Professional Stack
  • Cad Revit
  • Ftp Modelo
  • Management Monograph Dashboard
  • Communication GSuite + Slack
  • Visual Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Website Custom Wordpress
  • Accounting Xero
  • Material Architizer Source

Architecture Software

To compare all the options, we simplified the pricing to monthly. For instance Sketchup costs $695 one-time but we amortize the price over 3 years which is $19.30/mo (rounded to $20/mo).

As advocates for software in architecture, we trial and experiment with a diverse spectrum of applications. If you found a useful software product or want to suggest an additional category, feel free to send us a message.